Rumed Safety X-line – switch cabinet

Rumed Safety X-line – switch cabinet

Explosion-proof equipment certified for hazardous areas.

The Rumed safety X-line protects users that work with flammable mixtures. The Safety X-line is approved for operation in explosive areas of zone 1.

Units of the X-Line can be installed in zone 1 and zone 2. This is possible due to a multitude of different types of protection (pressure-proof housing, intrinsic safety, increased safety, encapsulation).

All appliances of the X-Line have successfully passed a demanding type examination according to annex III of the ATEX 2014/34/EU allowing an application in zone 1 and zone 2. RUMED® is a manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment being certified according to ISO 80079-34. This involves periodical inspections (audits) by a notified authority and a highly effective quality management system of worldwide importance.

The units are suitable for storage and tests of material of the temperature classes T1, T2 and T3 of explosion group IIA and IIB.

Pressure proof housing

The switch cabinet is equipped with a pressure-proof housing. Thus, large part of the electric system can be manufactured using standard components. This pressure-proof housing „d“ according to DIN EN 60079-1 effectively avoids inflammation of the atmosphere surrounding the switch cabinet.

Digital control

Operation and control of the appliances is effected by means of the modern, digital control unit. A digital interface for this control unit is optionally available. The option Program Control allows several days of complex programs with cyclizations and loops.

Fan motor

Up to 35 °C of working temperature, the fan and the integrated motor are located in the test room. For higher working temperatures, the motor driving the fan wheel in the test room will be installed outside the appliance. In any case, the motor will be disconnected permanently by a protective motor switch in case of a failure.

Refrigerating machine – open compressor with belt drive

The open refrigerating machine is driven by a conductive V-belt and a motor with pressure-proof housing. The explosion-proof solenoid valve bypass system ensures precise control. The refrigerating system is protected against malfunction by an explosion-proof pressure switch, as well as by a protective motor switch.

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