Specord Plus UV-VIS LAB Denmark

UV-VIS Spectroscopy

Here you’ll find information about the very fine and robust UV-VIS spectrophotometers from Analytik Jena. You can choose different instruments based on your analytical needs.

The package  makes the difference

As the requirements for analytical testing become more demanding  and complex, as regulations and standards become increasingly stringent, the Analytik Jena family of instruments for UV/Vis analysis offers the fitting solution.

The perfect combination of instrumentation, accessories and software

The Analytik Jena family includes UV/Vis instruments of outstanding precision and reliability, intuitive operation with a user-friendly and  powerful software, and a very broad range of accessories tailored to a wide range of applications.

Consistent, cost-effective processes

Whether routine analysis or complex applications, both UV/Vis novices and experts can easily achieve consistent and reproducible measurement results of highest quality. The Analytik Jena family offers the flexibility and ease-of-use to meet current and future analytical challenges.

Precise and reliable

The sophisticated and robust optical concepts ensure outstanding measurement performance. Multiple internal tests ensure proper operation of the system.

Flexible and customizable

An extensive range of accessories provides flexibility and efficiency for all routine- or special applications. The modular concept of the accessories makes switching between applications fast and easy.


An intelligent software design supports smooth workflows. A modular software package offers flexibility and helps to ensure that regulatory requirements are met. The clever instrument design impresses with ergonomics and optimal use of space, fast operational  readiness and easy handling.

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Specord Plus UV-VIS LAB Denmark


Reliable UV/Vis spectrophotometer with dual-beam precision.

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