Food & Agriculture

From farm to fork Individual solutions to meet the essential requirements for food safety. Food safety covers many aspects of the food chain – from point-of-origin to the nutritional value, the presence of pathogens, toxic metals, and other biological contaminants, to the elemental composition of animal feed and soil that affect animal and plant health. National and international directives help to regulate the industry and define limits along the food chain from primary agricultural production to food processing and consumption. Learn more on how our products can help you to meet industry requirements, all the way from farm to fork. 

Nutritional Analysis in an Industrial Context – What is in it? 

An accurate measurement of the elemental composition in food and agricultural products is essential to ensure product safety and to maintain adequate levels of nutritional content. The importance of dietary elements is difficult to overestimate. The elements play a significant role in the constitution of bodies and in metabolic and other processes. Providing the correct balance of macro minerals and trace metals is essential to sustain well-being and a healthy life style. 

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Determination of Toxic Trace Elements – Analytical solutions for toxic elements for better risk assessment 

Over the last centuries a considerable increase of toxic elements such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in the environment has been observed. Human activities and industrialization in particular have contributed to significant release of these naturally occurring elements, hence leading to an accumulation in the food chain. These elements can have adverse effects on organisms and lead to severe illnesses, organ malfunction and even death. Analytik Jena offers diverse versatile techniques for the determination of toxic trace metals, allowing a reliable risk assessment and quality monitoring for food products. 

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Analysis of Soil and Fertilisers – Soil Quality is Key – Fast detection of impurities 

The quality of soils and fertilizers used to grow and support the variety of agricultural products we consume today, play a significant role in the quality of the food products we find on supermarket shelves. Analytical instruments from Analytik Jena are designed to meet the high demands of the industry that requires fast and comprehensive chemical analysis of soils and fertilizers, including detection and quantification of toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and chromium that can potentially be passed onto the end consumer. 

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Food Processing & Packaging – Monitoring the Process Chain – High throughput and easy integration 

Food processing and packaging aim at preserving and improving the quality of food products in regards to taste, smell and look. While nutritional value and health promoting properties gain in importance, during food processing, e.g. refining, frying or baking, as well as storage undesirable and harmful compounds may be formed, that have to be monitored by QA/QC labs. Analytik Jena offers diverse instruments and solutions to control such compounds. 

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Food Authenticity – Determination of animal species and origins 

Authenticity testing of food samples has become one of the hot topics in QC labs, and sample numbers are steadily increasing, because false labelling of ingredients and/or origin is of concern for public health, taxation and religious conduct. Hence, reliable monitoring of the supply chain is crucial for both, producer and consumer. Here, Analytik Jena offers products and solutions that meet the analytical needs of laboratories upholding the highest standards. 

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Animal Species Identification 

The innuDETECT Species ID Assays enable the identification of animal species in processed food products by their genetic information. The assays allow a highly sensitive detection of e.g. pork, beef, horse, goat, sheep, chicken, turkey and donkey. Other assays allow a fast determination of the origin of milk in cheese (beef, sheep and goat) or the detection of bird and mammal or fish DNA, e.g. for vegetarian products. 

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