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TOC and TNb analysis for every application

Analytik Jena’s multi N/C instruments offer customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb analyses for every application area. From surface and wastewater analyses in the environmental sector to industrial process water and ultrapure water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industries.

The instruments are adapted for tough sample matrices (including high particle tolerance) and provide the user with high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. The patented NDIR detector minimizes the need to dilute samples due to its large dynamic working range. The multi N/C 2300 and 3300 instruments also offer the ability to analyze solid samples.

With the instruments in the multi N/C series, you work in accordance with prevailing guidelines/standards in the market and pharmaceutical industry standards according to FDA/GMP guidelines. The instruments guarantee maximum uptime and low operating costs. Analytik Jena offers a 5-year warranty on the patented NDIR detector and on the combustion technology for the combustion-based multi N/C models. A 3-year warranty is provided on the UV reactor for the UV-based multi N/C 4300 model. Two sample preparation methods are available for TOC measurement: combustion furnace, up to 950 °C, and wet chemical UV oxidation.

The powerful and long-lasting UV reactor uses two wavelengths (185/254 nm) for complete oxidation. This allows the analysis of blank samples without oxidizing agents. Additionally, a number of accessories are available as options, including automation for both liquid and solid phase samples, nitrogen detectors, and various types of modules for solid samples.

Learn more about our different TOC instruments via the headings below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

NDIR detector

NDIR detector

Patented NDIR detector simplifies TOC analysis.

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