Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

TOC instruments for pharmaceutical industry.

We sell TOC instruments for the pharmaceutical industry.

Robust and efficient multi N/C 2300 N, multi N/C 3300 HS, and multi N/C 4300 UV – for TOC analysis of very low concentrations.

The instruments are tailored to meet the demands of the industry and are suitable for many analysis areas:

  • Pure water analyses
  • Water for injection analyses (WFI)
  • Cleaning validation (e.g., swab samples)Quality control of vaccines (protein determination via TN analysis)
  • Small sample volumes (from 10µl with multi N/C 2300)
  • Choose between combustion furnace technology (multi N/C 2300 and 3300) or UV wet chemical oxidation (multi N/C 4300 UV)
  • Choose between ChD or CLD detector for nitrogen determination. (Not applicable for multi N/C 4300 UV)
  • Choose from a wide range of sample changers and sample racks

Do you have any questions about TOC for the pharmaceutical industry? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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