Service & Support

About Service and support

Our service and support organization consist today people around Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We work with modern tools and control systems to quickly troubleshoot, follow and finish ongoing service matters. All our engineers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable in their fields.

If you need to report an error, it is done easiest directly through our case management system here on our webpage. Here you can log, follow, update and communicate with service technicians yourself while the case is being handled through the customer case number and link that is linked to the notification. Follow-up of the notification is done as soon as possible with a case confirmation and a personal contact.

Log your service case here

E-mailing or calling in a description of your case as well as providing contact information for feedback is also possible.

Phone: +45 89 87 10 77

No matter how you contact us with a service case, we always register it in our case management system. This is to make it easy for you as a customer to follow your notification and that we as a supplier get a correct and secure traceability of our service matters. When an error report has been made, you are assigned a case management number which can be used to log into our system and follow the case as well as to receive feedback and updates from us while the service case is being handled.

If you want to get in touch with our service manager Nadieh Bengtsson, she can be reached at her email