Pharmaceutical Solutions: RD and QC/QA

LAB Denmark has partnered with several leading manufacturers of advanced analytical solutions directed at the pharmaceutical industry. We supply solutions for both R&D and for QC. The applications range from R&D / Development over content uniformity to final IPC solutions for control of production.

So no reason to hesitate – just reach out to us and we can assist you with the following among many other techniques:

  • Trace Metal Analysis USP <232>/<233>
  • TOC content in production water
  • Cleaning Validation Procedures in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Protein determination in vaccine quality control
  • Routine environmental monitoring in GMP cleanrooms
  • System Suitability Test According to New USP Regulations
  • Extractables Testing USP <661>
  • Automated Peptide Synthesis
  • Protein Digestion
  • Hardness Testing
  • Disintegration
  • Tablet / Capsule Dissolution