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Sartorius Water Purification

We sell water purification systems from Sartorius. With over eight decades of experience in developing the best filtration technologies, Sartorius offers you cutting-edge lab water systems designed to meet and exceed your quality standards.

We have water for all your needs:

Type I: Ultrapure water for chromatography, mass spectrometry and many more applications.

Type 2: Water quality of up to 15 megohms*cm at a rate of 5 L/hr or 10L/hr. Equipped with 3 purification stages, the system efficiently removes ions, bacteria, organic impurities and other contaminants from feed water from the tap.

Type 3: Water reverse osmosis water quality at rates of 8,16 or 24 L/hr for your standard laboratory applications. While producing Type 3 water, the system uses specially designed, intuitive software to continuously monitor the water quality.

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