CEM digestion system

Batch & Sequential Microwave Digestion Systems

MARS 6 For Digestion is a microwave acid digestion system that produces clear digestate from samples for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA.

Rocks, plants, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metals, and more can be digested easily, using preloaded methods.

Microwave acid digestion is a technique to dissolve metals, bound within a sample matrix, into liquid. This is achieved by exposing a sample to a strong acid, in a closed vessel and raising the temperature and pressure through microwave irradiation. Both the speed of thermal decomposition of the sample, and the solubility of heavy metals in solution are increased. Once these heavy metals are in solution, they can be quantified through elemental techniques. Our systems and technique reduce sample prep time by more than 70%, as compared to traditional techniques.

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