Automated Microwave Digestion System – Discover SP-D Clinical

Automated Microwave Digestion System – Discover SP-D Clinical

Digest a clinical sample in under 6 minutes.

Fast and remarkably simple, the Discover® SP-D™ Clinical is specifically designed to digest small samples for clinical applications. This automated system will optimize your laboratory workflow.


  • Most digestions complete in under 6 minutes (including cooldown)
  • Automatically loads and unloads samples
  • Temperature and pressure control of every sample
  • Documentation of every sample
  • Simple-to-use vessels with snap-on caps

Just weigh, snap, load, and you’re done.

  1. Weigh the sample and add acid
  2. Snap on the cap and place in the system
  3. Select the method(s) and press “Play”

After you press the play button, your work is done. The system will do the rest for you and let you know when the fully digested sample is ready.


Process 48 clinical samples completely unattended.

Load up to 48 samples in the autosampler rack and the Discover SP-D Clinical does the rest. The system sequentially loads each sample into the microwave, digests it to a clear solution in minutes, then returns it to the rack, after cooling, freeing you to leave the system running unattended so that you can tend to other tasks in the lab, or let it run overnight and start your day ready for analysis.

Mix your samples, vessels, and acids.

  • Digest any clinical sample (as small as 5 mg)
  • 4 or 10 mL vessels can be run with different acids, in the same batch
  • Fully documented pressure and temperature control

To the left is an example of how an SP-D Clinical could be loaded with a variety of samples requiring unique acids and temperature settings for the same run. The SP-D Clinical can handle it, giving you flexibility in your work.

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