Microwave Digestion System MARS 6

Advanced microwave digestion technology enhances lab results.

  • Better digestions for better analyses.
  • Better control means better results.
  • Contactless, in-situ temperature technology measuring the sample temperature of each vessel in real-time. There is no need for a control vessel, fibre-optic probes, or wires.

For over 30 years chemists have trusted CEM to provide the highest quality microwave digestion systems for their laboratories. The MARS 6™ is simply the easiest to use, safest and most intelligent system on the market. It is the only system that uses integrated sensor technology to recognize the vessel type as well as the sample number then apply the appropriate amount of power to ensure the highest quality digest. With options for remote system control and contactless all vessel temperature control, the MARS 6 is ready to handle your most difficult samples.


  • Contactless in-situ temperature measurement
  • Sensors that detect vessel type and count
  • Hundreds of pre-programmed methods
  • Easy to use vessels for every application

iPrep – The most advanced digestion vessels ever made 

iPrep – The most advanced digestion vessels ever made

The unique dual seal of the new iPrep™ allows for the highest working conditions of any microwave digestion vessel. This means it can digest extremely difficult materials such as PET and bunker oil with ease. It also will digest twice as much sample as a typical high performance vessel. This allows for better homogeneity and lower detection limits. The 110 mL volume provides a 10 percent enhancement over similar vessel types.

The iPrep™ vessel has higher operating parameters than any other vessel and can digest up to twice as much sample per run. Larger samples ensure homogeneity and increase limits of detection, a plus for any lab.

  • Digest difficult organic samples at higher temperatures to achieve a clear digest
  • Digest up to twice as much sample per run
  • Accurately measure the temperature of every sample with iWave™
  • Patented dual-seal design

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