Walk-in Chambers – for everything requiring space from Rumed

Walk-in Chambers – for everything requiring space from Rumed

Customized walk-in environmental test chambers for science and industry.

The RUMED® Walk-in Environmental Test Chambers provide customized solutions in XXL format for any kind of climatic tests in science and industry.

You are looking for a solution for storage of stability specimen, a measuring room for standard climates, plant Gassing with CO2, or even an explosion-proof chamber for storage of aerosol cans? The RUMED® Walk-in Environmental Test Chambers make almost everything possible. Due to their vari­able size and equipment, the test chambers provide customized solutions for each place of installation and each task.


  • Test room volume up to 40 m³
  • Individual dimensions, extremely variable equipment
  • Available as temperature chamber, climatic chamber or plant growth chamber
  • Intuitive handling by means of the Control2015 touch
  • Gapless documentation
  • Energy-saving refrigeration technology
  • Possibility of calibration and validation
  • Optionally available in explosion-proof execution

RUMED® Chambers are space-saving, since they can be installed directly side by side.

One chamber – many possibilities

The RUMED® Walk-in Chambers have a wide application range:

  • Stability test according to the ICH Guideline
  • Measurement at standard climates
  • Plant growth
  • Storage aerosol cans (Ex-proof version)

The chambers consist of sandwich elements with tongue and groove profile. Thanks to this manufacturing technology, also an installation in confined locations is possible. The insulation layer of the sandwich elements consists of high-quality polyurethane foam. The insulation thickness is between 80 and 120 mm, depending on the chosen temperature range.

The chamber floor consists of non-slip structural stainless steel. The standard surface of the sandwich elements is manufactured from sheet steel with white coating. Optionally, an execution in stainless steel is available.

The standard installation of the chambers is at ground level. If the chamber shall be accessible with a trolley, this can either be realized by means of a ramp or by reduction of the ground level by the customer.

The standard stop of the lockable door is outside, but also a version with inside stop is available. The door can be equipped with a window for observation of the specimen. A porthole of 225 mm diameter or a square glazing of the size 400 x 400 mm are available. Incidence of extraneous light can be avoided by a shutter on the window.

The chamber is equipped with aluminium shelves. Also an execution in stainless steel or a mobile shelving system is available.

An efficient recirculating air fan with bionic fan wheel ensures a perfect temperature and humidity accuracy in space at a low noise level. The humidification is realized by a redundant ultrasonic humidifier. The refrigerating machine is installed space-saving above the switch cabinet

The Control2015 touch takes over the entire control and documentation. All components are easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

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