Seed Blower from Rumed

Seed Blower from Rumed

Efficient seed blower for grain separation.

The seed blower is used for quick separation of light and heavy grains. The seed is poured into a drawer of the acrylic glass cylinder. The top of the cylinder is closed by means of a fine-meshed screen. A speed-controlled fan creates a rising, constant air column in the cylinder. Depending on its size and weight, the seed will fall into one of the 3 collecting vessels being attached to the cylinder. In this way, the light seed is led into the upper collecting vessel, and the heavy grain is led into the lower collecting vessel. A further screen at the foot of the cylinder prevents the penetration of seed into the fan. After disconnection of the fan, the precipitate, consisting of the residues and sometimes also small stones, is retained on the screen. The convenient wire bracket quick fastener facilitates the removal of the collecting vessels.

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