Pure Water In High Demand.

The Puro™ water system produces high-quality water with low energy consumption through the use of innovative low energy RO technology. By using a specially designed recirculation system, the RO membranes are guaranteed a long service life.

The Puro™ recovers a percentage of water processed, due to the innovative configuration of the RO membrane (see flowchart below). Feed water that does not meet the required standard is recycled back around the system rather than being sent to the drain. Not only does this reduce waste water and increase its efficiency, but results in low running costs.

Type 3 Water Applications

The Puro™ is suitable for Type 3 / RO water usage of 10-1000 litres per day. RO water is typically used for the following applications:

  • Glasswasher Feed
  • Autoclave Feed
  • Feeding Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Hydroponics
  • Steam Generators
  • Features
  • RO water / Type 3 water
  • Up to 25, 45 or 85L/hr production rates
  • RO sanitisation process
  • Low running costs
  • One easy to change pre-filter
  • Mount on bench, wall or on top of a reservoir
  • Intuitive, icon-based, interactive user interface with touchscreen
  • Integrated leak detector and boost pump
  • Choice of storage reservoirs: 30/60/100 litres
  • Variable permeate flowrates
  • The integral boost pump simplifies installation and avoids unexpected costs or reduced flow rates due to poor inlet pressure. The Puro™ is fed directly from your mains water supply.

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