Type 2 and Type 1 Water From the Same System.

The Duo™ water purification system is a complete pre-engineered system designed to provide Type 2 water that can be dispensed from the storage tank via a dispense tap or provide Type 1 water that can be dispensed from an integral dispenser gun or via a remote dispenser gun.

The innovative and unique Duo™ provides two water qualities within one easy to use a system. Save on space, initial outlay and consumables costs.

Type 2 and Type 1 Applications

Duo™ is suitable for Type 2 water use of 10-150 liters per day. Type 2 water is used for buffer and media productions, sample and reagent diluent, general chemistry, protein electrophoresis, histology, cytology, and spectrophotometry.

Duo™ is also suitable for Type 1 water use of up to 100 liters per day. Type 1 water is used for molecular biology, electrophoresis, cell and tissue culture, sequencing, HPLC, genomics, pharmacology and any other sensitive applications.

TOC monitoring is critical when organics will affect results so a real-time TOC reading will provide absolutely confide in your water quality.

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