Type 2 Deionized Water At The Rate You Need.

The Geno™ water purification system is a complete, pre-engineered system designed specifically for Type 2 water applications. The reverse osmosis system uses pressure to separate contaminates out of supply water using a semipermeable membrane. The RO water is then fed through ion-exchange resins to deionize the water, creating Type 2 laboratory grade water.

With the addition of the endure deionization packs, Geno™ takes RO water to the next level of purity. It provides laboratory grade, Type 2 water in two convenient production rates of up to 25 or 45 liters per hour. Select the reservoir size to suit your requirements.

Geno™ combines all required technologies to produce Type 2 water in one box. The endure DI packs are simple to change and long lasting.

Type 2 Water Applications

Geno™ is suitable for Type 2 / DI water usage of 160 – 320 liters per day.  DI water is suitable for buffer and media production, sample and reagent diluents, general chemistry, protein electrophoresis, histology, cytology, and spectrophotometry.  The integral boost pump simplifies installation and avoids unexpected costs. The system is fed directly from your municipal water supply.

What is Deonization?

Deionization is a process that removes ions from RO water with the use of synthetic resins.  The ions are removed from the water through a series of chemical reactions. These reactions occur as the water passes through the ion exchange resins beads. Gradually, all unwanted ions are replaced by hydrogen and hydroxyl ions which combine to form pure water. Deionization is the only process that can produce the quality required for Type 2 water.

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