innuPREP Plant RNA Kit

Ready-to-use total plant RNA in just 30 minutes after homogenization.

Product Details

  • Selection of two integrated Lysis Buffer systems for optimum adaptation to an extremely wide variety of plant species and components
  • Selective prefiltration step to prevent DNase digestion
  • Optimized extraction chemistry eliminates the need for toxic β-mercaptoethanol

The chemistry underlying the innuPREP Plant RNA Kit, which has been specially adapted for isolating plant materials (e.g. leaves, caulis, root, blossom), guarantees highly efficient lysis and effectively deactivates endogenous and exogenous RNases. The innuPREP Plant RNA Kit contains two Lysis Buffers in order to process as wide a range as possible of different plant materials, particularly plant components with widely differing characteristics. The Lysis Buffer RL, by comparison, is an universal buffer and the Lysis Buffer PL has been specifically adapted to difficult plants such as roses or potatoes. The total extracted RNA is of excellent quality can be used directly in subsequent applications.

Starting material

Various types of plant samples (100 mg = max.)
Fresh or frozen plant material

Average yield

Depends on the type and quantity of the sample
Up to 70 µg

Extraction time

Approx. 30 minutes after homogenization

Binding capacity

Column binding capacity: approx. 100 µg RNA

Average purity

1,8 – 2,1

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