blackPREP Rodent Tail DNA Kit (Manual)

blackPREP Rodent Tail DNA Kit (Manual)

Optimized for extracting genomic DNA from pieces of rodent tails (complex starting materials)

Product Details

  • Extremely fast lysis and highly efficient DNA isolation in just 1 and no more than 3 hours
  • Samples do not need to be incubated overnight
  • Mouse and rat tail pieces can be up to 1.2 cm and 0.6 cm in length, respectively
  • All black Spin Filter available in colourless

The blackPREP Rodent Tail DNA Kit has been specially optimized for isolating DNA from pieces of mouse and rat tails, guaranteeing extremely high yields in a very short period of time. The kit, with its new purification chemistry, is part of a new Analytik Jena product line for nucleic acid extraction. Like the innuPREP DNA Kits that have been available now for many years, blackPREP DNA Kits are likewise based on a reliable separation process using Spin Filter columns. In addition, the extraction process for pieces of rodent tails is complete within 3 hours thanks to a highly efficient sample lysis step that eliminates the need for the traditional overnight lysis process.


Starting material

  • Mouse or rat tail pieces
  • Maximum mouse tail length = 1.2 cm
  • Maximum rat tail length = 0.6 cm

Average yield

  • Mouse tail pieces (1.2 cm): 30 – 40 µg
  • Rat tail pieces (0.6 cm): 35 – 45 µg

Extraction time

  • Lysis: Between 1 and no more than 3 hours
  • Isolation: approx. 9 minutes

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