innuPREP Plant DNA Kit

Isolation of highly pure DNA free of plant inhibitors and secondary metabolic products.

Product Details

  • Suitable for use with an extremely wide variety of plant materials
  • High yields from up to 100 mg starting material
  • 3-lysis buffer system for optimized and specialised lysis of plant material
  • Specific guidelines according to kind of sample
  • Tested for fresh or frozen sample (including dry archived material), leafs, wood, seeds, needles, fruits

The innuPREP Plant DNA Kit has been specially developed for quickly and easily isolating DNA from an extremely wide variety of plant starting materials (such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc.). In addition to efficient sample digestion, the extraction routine also includes a prefiltration step to effectively minimize unlysed plant components. The DNA is then bound to a Spin Filter column using a novel Binding Buffer, after which it is washed and then eluted in a separate Elution Tube. The extracted nucleic acid is then immediately available for a number of downstream applications and can be stored for future applications without any trouble.


Starting material

  • Various plant materials (max. 100 mg)
  • Fresh, frozen or dried plant material

Average yield

  • Depends on the type and starting quantity of the plant material
  • Approx. 3 – 25 µg

Extraction time

Approx. 30 – 40 minutes

Binding capacity

Column binding capacity: > 50 µg DNA

Average purity

1,7 – 2,0

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