Manual Dissolution Tester

Advanced manual dissolution tester with easy operation and monitoring options.

We sell the AT Xtend™ Manual – Easy-to-operate manual dissolution tester with advanced monitoring options from SOTAX.

  • SAMPLING – World’s most simple & repeatable manual sampling process with HollowShaft™
  • EASY – User-friendly touch screen operation with operator-prompts for staggered start
  • FLEXIBLE – Perform dissolution tests for all USP 1/2/5/6 methods and other non-compendial methods
  • DATA – Intuitive and fast method creation with version control and advanced user administration
  • TEMPERATURE – Automatically protocol individual vessel temperatures before pulling samples
  • MONITORING – Record dissolution behaviour per vessel with integrated video monitoring
  • AUTOMATION-READY – Turn your bath into a semi-automated dissolution tester anytime by adding Xtend™ modules

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