ATS Xtend™ offline

Automated offline sampling system for dissolution testing.

We sell SOTAX Semi-Automated Dissolution Tester ATS Xtend™. Offline – Dissolution tester which automatically withdraw, filter, and collect samples in tubes, capped LC vials, or well plates.

  • SAMPLING – Always take samples the same way at reproducible withdrawal positions
  • OFFLINE – Collect samples in glass tubes, capped LC vials, or HPLC / UPLC wellplates
  • METHODS – Program multiple timepoints and automatically replace withdrawn sampling volumes
  • FAST – Timepoint intervals of less than 1 minute possible with powerful piston pump
  • MODIFIED RELEASE – Automatically change filters at defined timepoints for your DR / MR methods
  • FINE FILTRATION – Push through filters with a minimum porosity of 0.2 microns for offline HPLC / UPLC analysis
  • FLEXIBLE – Maintain full flexibility without dedicating your dissolution tester to an analytical device

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