Low-Speed Centrifuges

Low-Speed Centrifuges

Low-speed, clinical centrifuges for laboratories from LabTech.

Here you can read about LabTechs low speed, clinical centrifuges.


The compact and robust low-speed model, 406 is well suited for routine work with small sample sizes less than 15 ml tubes. It has an open style of 15 ml angle rotor that can spin at max. 4,000 rpm (2,075 x g). The product is basically supplied together with an angle rotor and six 15 ml aluminum sleeves, which can be spun immediately upon receipt. Optional tube adaptors for 3 ml, 4 ml and 5 ml tubes are available for easy separation of the small tubes including vacutainers. It features maximized simplicity
in operation and highest safety in everyday work. It is commonly used in bio-banks, clinical and commercial laboratories for the fractionation of blood samples and simple precipitation of clinical and biological samples.


GYROZEN 416 is a compact bench-top centrifuge with a maximum capacity of 400 ml at a time. It has five versatile rotors, so you can choose the desired rotor, buckets and adaptors according to your application. With GRS-S-100-4 rotor and universal 100 ml buckets and diverse adaptors, you can enjoy everyday laboratory work to its fullest. The immediate separation of 32 vacutainer samples or small tubes is also feasible with unique vacutainer buckets. An additional offering of microplate rotor extends the 416’s
application. It is furnished with unique air flow structure and anti-vibration structure. Its ergonomic design with intuitive control panel offers easiness in operation. The SOFT START/STOP function of 416 enables gentle acceleration and deceleration, which is effective for vibration-sensitive sample separation such as blood fractionation. GYROZEN 416 centrifuge guarantees the highest test standards that you need for your daily work with industry-leading safety and quality.


GYROZEN 624R is a compact bench-top refrigerated centrifuge with versatility, convenience, stability and sophisticated design and leads to reliable experimental results. It can spin samples up to a capacity of four 100 ml at 4,200 rpm (3,059 x g) and six 50 ml conical at max. 6,000 rpm (3,960 x g). This model provides three kinds of fixedangle rotors for micro tubes, 15 ml and 50 ml tubes as well as four swing-out rotors. The comprehensive range of rotors and accessories makes it possible for efficient and versatile performances. The sleek, ergonomic design, vivid display and intuitive control will create a new laboratory environment that is never seen anywhere else. You can choose the color of the control panel between onyx black or clean white. GYROZEN 624R is used in general laboratories and clinical applications including sample separations of cellular materials and blood, and ideal for appropriate experiments for temperature-sensitive samples.

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