Micro Centrifuges

High-performance micro centrifuges for labs from LabTech.

Here you can read about LabTechs micro centrifuges. These are smaller centrifuges designed to offer maximum performance in a small footprint of every experimental workstation.


GYROZEN mini centrifuge has a compact product design, user-friendly and intuitive interface are easy and comfortable for the operation. mini has a fully-functioning safety architecture of patented air-cooling and anti-vibration. Three colors of powder white, rose pink and steel blue are optionally available and it will liven up any laboratory environment.


GYROZEN 1536 will be the new standard micro centrifuge in the laboratory. 1536 boasts a smooth curve design and a unique ergonomic user interface in its class. As many as 36 microtubes and 12 0.2 ml-tubes can be operated simultaneously at up to 15,000 rpm. It is suitable for all molecular biology applications as it can accommodate from 0.2 ml tube containing PCR strip to 5.0 ml tube. 1536 has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a wide LCD display to check the operation status and the setting parameters simultaneously. It provides easy and sophisticated controls such as “At Set Speed” for timed runs at the set speed, 100 programs saving and adjustability of parameters during operation. The new “Easy-Lock” rotors deliver operators the highest easiness and comfort to handle frequent routine works. You can enjoy not only artistic design but also convenient operational experiences with our 1536.


  • Molecular works of cell collection, phenol extraction, simple spin-down, filter tube separation, etc


GYROZEN refrigerated high-speed micro centrifuge, 1730R is a must-have for the experiments in molecular and cellular biology. It can accommodate up to 30 microtubes or 12 x 5 ml-tubes. With the most popular 24 hole micro-rotor, maximum 17,000 rpm (27,237 x g) can be reached even at 4 °C. Its powerful refrigeration system specifies the temperature range from -20 °C to + 40 °C and offers “FASTCOOL” function of cooling down to 4 °C in 5 minutes. All rotor types have been extended to the new “Easy-Lock” lid, allowing easy and convenient rotor lid opening and closing. The Teflon-coated chamber of 1730R is more resistant to organic solvents, reactive or corrosive chemicals. The powerful and compact refrigerated micro centrifuge 1730R is one of the best products in the GYROZEN portfolio. It will be a perfect tool to get the results you want in your


  • Molecular works of ethanol precipitation, phenol extraction, NA preparation, cell collection, spin-down of temperature sensitive reaction mixtures, etc.

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