innuDRY Standad PCR MasterMix

Easy, stable lyophilized PCR Master Mix.

Lyophilized Master Mix for PCR

Product Details

  • Easy handling thanks to 2times concentration
  • Environmentally beneficial: stable and delivered at room temperature
  • Ready-to-use including hot start Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTP’s and optimal buffer conditions
  • Ideal results especially for routine PCR applications
  • Safe and secure
  • Minimizing of necessary hands on steps

Especially in daily routine tasks easy and secure procedures, which guarantee a high reproducibility of final results are very important. In addition stable reagents with a reliable performance are fundamental as well. Der innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMix combines all requirements. The lyophilized mix is long-term storage stable and can be dissolved by the included Resuspension Buffer at any time. After addition of template and specific primers the PCR reaction just needs to be filled up to final volume by using molecular biological water and is ready-to-use for subsequent amplification. The use of innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMixe can be easily combined with most commercially available thermal cyclers. Thereby quality as well as yield of amplified PCR products is excellent.




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