Automated BOD

Automated BOD5 analysis with rapid estimation feature.

Automated BOD5 with 10-Minute BOD Estimator Package

New Automated Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Analysis Package including the Rapid 10-minute BOD Estimator. This combination of 5-day automation and rapid estimation provides the ideal solution for streamlining large-scale BOD5 analysis and freeing up technicians time in the lab. It also provides the clients of BOD5 results with on-the-spot results to make critical decisions.  A key advantage is the FAST BOD can be analyzed simultaneously while the Automated BOD Analyzer is running the Standard Method test.

BOD5 analysis is a staple of wastewater monitoring, and can be found in almost every commercial laboratory analyzing environmental samples. The 5-day test has a large list of rules regarding sample handling, preparation, storage, and analysis. Timing is absolutely critical for the BOD test, as the Oxygen Demand of any given sample is known to change quickly over time. Another major factor is the dilution factor used during sample preparation. Because of the tight acceptance criteria for the dissolved oxygen measurements taken before/after the 5-day incubation period, it is very common for numerous attempts at the test to be invalid, and it is not possible to re-run the BOD5 test if the final DO reading is found to be invalid. When all these factors are considered with large commercial and municipal laboratories running the test, it can put a great amount of pressure on technicians and operators to ensure all bottles are tracked, prepared, diluted, and analyzed properly.

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