Advanced shakers for diverse laboratory tasks.

We sell shakers from IKA and C.Gerhardt.

IKA offers the perfect lab shaker for mixing and shaking of standard laboratory tasks. In addition to the tried and tested orbital shakers and horizontal shakers, the innovative incubator shaker KS 4000 is gaining popularity in laboratories. Its precise temperature control makes the incubator shaker a reliable asset in every lab.

An extensive array of attachments enables the use of vessels in every shape and size. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA lab shakers.

C.Gerhardt offers high power shaking for cell growth and heavy load shaking (up to 30kg), equipped with the comprehensive range of accessories, the mechanical shakers meet the most stringent requirements in research laboratories.

Cultures can be monitored all time through a transparent front door with illumination inside and the standard-sized fluorescent lamp can be replaced with a grow light or daylight lamp. Features that helps the daily routine in the laboratory.

Continuous electronic speed and runtime control with up to 9 shaking programs with 9 time/shake stages each can be programmed and saved. Everything you need for your cell growth or heavy load shaking.

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