Oracle Universal Fat Analyser

The first ever rapid fat analyser with no method development

ORACLE™ is the first ever rapid fat analyser that requires absolutely no method development for fat only analysis. At the touch of a button, ORACLE can analyse fat in any food sample with reference chemistry accuracy, without any prior knowledge of the sample matrix or composition. Simply press the run arrow and ORACLE delivers an exceptionally accurate and precise fat result in 30 seconds. Alternatively, ORACLE can be paired with the SMART 6 for combined rapid fat and moisture/solids analysis in less than 5 minutes.

Newly developed NMR technology that completely isolates protons in fat from all other proton sources in food matrixes, such as carbohydrates and proteins.


  • Rapid- 30 second analysis
  • Analyse any sample from 0.05 – 100.00 % fat
  • Direct isolation and measurement of hydrogen protons on fat molecules
  • Precise- better repeatability than wet chemical extraction techniques

Absolutely NO method development

  • ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyser that requires absolutely no method development. ORACLE provides reference chemistry accuracy for any food sample without any prior knowledge of the sample matrix and composition. Simply press the run arrow and in 30 seconds the ORACLE delivers a fat result. It’s really that simple.
  • ORACLE can also be paired with an automated robot for unattended analysis of 100 samples per run.
  • Validation by COFRAC Accedited Laboratory (Actalia Cecalait)

Moisture/Solids and Fat Analyis  < 5 minutes

Pair the SMART 6 Moisture & Solids Analyser with the ORACLE for rapid moisture/solids and fat in one system. The SMART 6 utilizes dual-frequency energy to rapidly Analyse moisture/solids in any product, wet or dry, in approximately 3 minutes. The system comes pre-programmed with a library of optimized drying methods for pairing with the ORACLE.


  • AOAC 2008.06 – Moisture and Fat in Meats
  • AOAC PVM 1:2004 – Moisture/Solids and Fat in Dairy Products

ORACLE is unique
Major breakthrough in NMR technology

  • Newly developed technique achieved in 2016
  • Technology completely isolates the detection of the proton signal in fat molecules from all other compositional proton sources (i.e. protein, carbohydrate, ash) making a universal fat Analyser possible
  • Alternative rapid techniques are unable to fully isolate fat from other components, which is why extensive calibration development is often required

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