innuPREP Forensic DNA Kit-IPC16

  • Automized extraction of genomic DNA
  • Optimal for smallest forensic or highly contaminated samples
  • Successful processing of a large range of different starting materials

Product Details

  • Extraction of high quality DNA for immediate downstream applications
  • For usage of InnuPure C16 touch and up to 16 samples in parallel

The innuPREP Forensic DNA Kit-IPC16 is an ideal solution to handle smallest forensic samples in an automized process. Thereby the purification of genomic DNA from up to 16 samples in parallel takes place within InnuPure C16 touch. The kit has already been proven with positive result using a large number of starting materials. Those are blood and traces of blood, hair, hair roots and beard stubble, cigarette butts, chewing gum, traces of sperm, swab samples e. g. from ear, as well as finger prints on a variety of surfaces and DNA on tooth brush. Based on patentedDC-Technology and the principle of magnetic particle separation, even highly degraded nucleic acids can be recovered. Prefilled, sealed reagent plastic allows a fast, uncomplicated preparation of the device and isolation of very pure DNA for direct downstream applications.

As an alternative to the standard, prefilled, sealed extraction kits for InnuPure C16 touch, corresponding lower-cost non-filled kit variants are also available. These kits also contain all the plastics and reagents required for extraction.


Starting material

  • Blood and traces of blood
  • Hair, hair roots and beard stubble
  • Finger nails
  • Stamps and envelopes
  • Cigarette butts, chewing gum
  • Swab samples and fingerprints taken from surfaces, ear swab, tooth brush
  • Traces of sperm, bone meal

Extraction Time

  • Lysis: approx. 120 minutes (external)
  • InnuPure C16 touch protocol: approx. 38 – 47 minutes

Average yield

Depends on the sample and the amount used

Average purity

1,8 – 2,0

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