innuPREP Blood DNA Kit-KFFLX

Fully automated DNA extraction from up to 96 whole blood samples

Product Details

  • Highly efficient kit for the KingFisherFLEX automation system
  • Extremely high-quality, ready-to-use DNA in just approx. 50 minutes
  • Based on magnetic particle separation

The innuPREP Blood DNA Kit KFFLX is an optimized extraction kit for isolating DNA from 200 µl whole blood samples. Using the 
KingFisher FLEX processor allows researchers to extract nucleic acids from up to 96 samples in parallel within a very short period of time. Fully automated lysis is followed by a second subprotocol for automated binding, washing and final elution of the DNA in a  96 well plate. Nucleic acids can be used in later downstream applications in just approx. 50 minutes – the design of the 96 well elution plate allows for the use automated pipetting stations (such as the FasTrans, SELMA 96 or GeneTheatre) in subsequent processing steps.


Starting material

  • Whole blood samples (200 µl)
  • Fresh or frozen blood
  • Stabilizers: EDTA or citrate

Average yield

  • Depends on the type and quantity of the starting material
  • Up to 10 µg DNA

Extraction time

  • KingFisher FLEX lysis protocol: approx. 25 minutes
  • KingFisher FLEX isolation protocol: approx. 37 minutes

Average purity

1,7 – 2,0

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