Disintegration Testing Solutions

Fast, user-friendly disintegration testing.

DT50 – Bathless disintegration apparatus for fast and user-friendly testing.

The bathless DT50 sets new standards in fast and user-friendly operation. Induction heating technology reduces heating times to only 3 – 5 minutes and eliminates unproductive cleaning tasks. Proven automatic end-point detection makes visual monitoring by the operator a thing of the past.

  • BATHLESS – Extremely short heating times with patented induction heating technology
  • TEMPERATURE – Permanent temperature monitoring without any delay at test start
  • TEST START – Automated test start when target temperature has been reached
  • DETECTION – 100% automatic end-point detection when tablets are disintegrated
  • PROTOCOL – Record and protocol disintegration times of individual tablet automatically
  • BASKETS – Basket type and serial number are automatically recognized & protocolled
  • MODULAR – Flexibly add stations to your testing system as capacities increase

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