Biometra Eco-Line

Modular tank system for electrophoresis.

Biometra Eco-Line is Ideal for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications.

With Biometra Eco-Line, Analytik Jena offers a robust, modular tank system for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications to support you in your protein analysis. Specially designed for everyday use, gels can be casted quickly, easily and in a space-saving manner in the electrophoresis module. The unique high-tech sealing material used in the gel casting stand ensures leak-free gel casting. Glass plates with fixed spacers also facilitate handling and help you to save valuable time in routine laboratory work. In addition to the comfortable option of running 2 – 4 gels simultaneously, the modular tank design also extends the range of applications.

  • 2 Models for mini and maxi gels
  • Optional blot module to extend the application range
  • Bigfoot safety lid
  • Extra strong glass plates with fixed spacers for long-term durability

With a wide selection of different combs in combination with unique Divider-Plates (optional for Eco-Mini available) and a specially designed buffer tank, we offer the most flexible and powerful solution to meet your needs perfectly. In addition, the integrated water circulation system (buffer tank EBC) sets new standards in the electrophoretic protein analysis and allows reliable separation of sensitive samples under controlled temperature conditions.

  • Eco-Mini Divider-Plates: with increased sample throughput, the gel capacity can easily increased from 2 to 4 gels
  • Efficient cooling (buffer tank EBC) ensures high separation resolution
  • Extensive accessories offer individual adaptations to your laboratory needs

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