Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer – MultiPep 1

Flexible peptide synthesis system.

Flexible parallel peptide synthesis.

The MultiPep 1TM is a highly flexible and economical automated parallel peptide synthesizer. It features unmatched flexibility for screening hundreds of peptides in parallel using plates, columns, or cellulose membranes formats.

Flexible Formats

  • Plate = up to 96 peptides at 1-10 μmol
  • Columns = up to 48 peptides at 1-10 μmol or 8 peptides at 10-300 μmol
  • SPOT Synthesis = up to 1200 peptides on two cellulose membranes
  • CelluSpotsTM = up to 768 peptides on a dissolvable cellulose support


  • Heating option for elevated temperature synthesis in plates and columns
  • Fast synthesis with 8 position parallel washing arm
  • Vortex mixing
  • Pre-activation or in-situ activation

Peptide synthesis with 96 well plates and columns

Easily synthesize large libraries of peptides using a 96 well plate with the MultiPep 1. Alternatively, mini-columns can be used to synthesize up to 48 peptides in parallel. Up to 8 larger columns (2, 5, or 10mL size) can be used in parallel.

Parallel peptide synthesis at elevated temperature

Apply elevated temperature synthesis conditions to either 96 well plates or columns run on the MultiPep 1. This is made easy with optional heating block accessories with adjustable temperature control. Elevated temperature is helpful for improving the purity of difficult and longer sequences.

Peptide microarrays

SPOT synthesis allows for the synthesis of thousands of immobilized peptides on cellulose membranes. This is useful for on-support binding studies as well as solution and cell based assays. With the MultiPep 1 the SPOT synthesis option allows for the synthesis of up to 1200 peptides in a batch for high-throughput screening applications.

Multiple Copies of Peptide Arrays on Glass Slides

Easily make many copies of a peptide array on glass slides. CelluSpots technology combines the advantages of traditional SPOT synthesis with a unique dissolvable cellulose support for making many identical copies of a peptide array. Based on the use of the unique Slide Spotting robot after SPOT synthesis on the dissolvable cellulose support.

Optimized PNA Synthesis

The MultiPep 1 is a powerful tool for small scale synthesis requiring expensive monomers such as PNA. Perform PNA synthesis as low as 1μmol with the small fluid delivery capabilities of the MultiPep 1. Up to 48 smaller columns in parallel (250μL, 500μL sizes) can be used.

Intuitive and flexible

The MultiPep 1 allows easy programming with useful tools including:

  • Importing and exporting sequences
  • Preconfigured synthesis protocols
  • Calculation of reagent consumption
  • Real-time display of operations
  • Detailed documentation of each run

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