Automated Enzymatic Digestion System

Automated Enzymatic Digestion System

Automated protein digestion system for MS-based proteomics.

The DigestPro™ is a dedicated protein digestion and sample preparation system for MS based proteomics. It completely automates all essential steps of protein digestion protocols and easily works with both in-solution and in-gel based methods.

In addition, sample clean-up and MALDI spotting can be automated. It achieves high throughput with up to 96 samples at a time. The whole procedure is performed under controlled and reproducible conditions that is essential for protein analysis by mass spectrometry.


  • Automated in-gel or in-solution digestion
  • Ready-to-run optimized programs with full customizability
  • Freely selectable temperature for each step (heating and cooling)
  • Use of standard lab buffers and solutions (low running costs)
  • Desalting and concentration with ZipTips (or similar reversed phase tips)
  • MALDI target spotting
  • Modular work area setup for individual instrument configuration

Simplified Proteomics

Easily Prepare Samples For Protein Analysis By Mass Spectrometry

The DigestPro is a single instrument for in-solution digestion, in-gel digestion, and sample clean-up including desalting and enrichment. Ready-to-use protocols can be immediately used for high-throughput rapid automation of all steps necessary. Additionally, all steps can be easily customized as needed.

In-Gel Digestions

Robust And Simple

The DigestPro utilizes a unique 2-channel needle which can deliver both liquid and air. For vessel draining the needle seals on the vessel membrane and drain liquid reagents with air purging from the outer channel. Liquid delivery is accomplished through the inner channel after the needle is unsealed from the membrane. In this way liquid transfer both in and out of the vessel is robust and accurate for small volume transfers without loss of gel slices.

Sample Clean-Up

Automated Ziptip Assisted Desalting And Enrichment

The DigestPro allows for automated use of ZipTips or similar reversed phase tips for easy clean-up and enrichment of samples (ZipTips are registered by EMD Millipore). Tips are stored in a rack and are picked up and deposited onto the needle for repeated access. ZipTips enable peptide binding onto a C-18 substrate that allows for washing on the tip. The peptide solution can then be eluted with a small concentrated volume of solution. Optionally, samples can directly be spotted onto MALDI targets with the tips. As an alternative to ZipTips, selfmade StageTips can be used with the DigestPro.

Enhanced Digestion

Rapid Digestion At Elevated Temperature

The DigestPro allows for rapid enzymatic digestion using programmable temperatures from 8 – 65°C. More rapid and complete digestions can be achieved with optimized elevated temperature protocols. Additionally, elevated temperature protocols can be used to simplify reduction of disulfide bonds.

Customizable Work Area

Design Your Work Area To Meet Your Needs

The DigestPro allows for full customizability of the work area. The customer can choose different modules required for his individual applications.

Modules are available for:

  • In-gel digestion
  • Solution digestion
  • Sample clean-up on tips
  • MALDI spotting

Furthermore, the flexibility includes the use of different vial formats for digestion and collection, programmable temperatures from 8 – 70°C, the usage of ZipTips or StageTips, and many available reagent positions.

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