2940-2980 Multi-Channel Online Monitor

2940-2980 Multi-Channel Online Monitor

Multi-channel bioreactor monitoring system.

2940-2980 Multi-Channel Online Monitor. For multiple and parallel bioreactor systems, our 4-channel and 8-channel sampling systems provide many simple and reliable online monitoring and control solutions for your bioreactor processes. Closed loop monitoring and control functions are easily achieved for all operating scales and bioreactor types, including disposable systems.

Specifications YSI 2940 and YSI 2980

  • Automated, aseptic sampling of up to 8 vessels
  • Monitor up to 6 chemistries
  • Analysis results of 60 seconds for each chemistry
  • Simultaneous online monitoring and 96-well sampling of tiles
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Autoclavable components
  • CIP and SIP compliant
  • Touch screen, icon-controlled HMI for easy display and menu navigation
  • Connection options for SCADA, DAS, LIMS and feed control systems
  • Remote access and control via web-based server
  • OPC server options
  • 21 CFR, part 11 compatible

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