Vapodest 500

High-throughput steam distillation system for precise nitrogen analysis.

Vapodest 500 for precise Kjeldahl analyses in high-throughput labs.

Specially developed for users in high-throughput laboratories, Vapodest 500 performs Kjeldahl nitrogen determination as well as steam distillation of volatile substances. Efficiency, safety and conformity with standards are the features that matter most.

  • Efficient: Fully automated and process-optimized Kjeldahl analysis
  • Robust: Designed for high-throughput analyses and continuous operation
  • Fully integrated: Network-compatible data and process management

Combine Vapodest 500 with the Kjeldatherm KT-L20s to use the most powerful complete solution on the market for Kjeldahl digestion and analysis.

If you want to go one step further in automation, take a look at our Vapodest 500 C with autosampler.

Time-critical analysis and high throughput – no problem for the Vapodest 500

In a high-throughput lab, each additional manual step costs you valuable time and reduces the reproducibility of your nitrogen analysis. So it’s good to know that Vapodest 500 is optimized for use in high-throughput laboratories.

Your benefits:

  • More samples analysed in less time because distillation and titration are performed simultaneously (online titration).
  • Reduced time to result because result calculation and data transfer are carried out automatically
  • Outstanding result precision compared to burettes because the high-precision microdosing pump and the software are perfectly matched
  • Peace of mind because you are guided through all steps of the process

Full network functionality – The C. Gerhardt Dashboard keeps you on top of things

Vapodest 500 fits seamlessly into your processes. Use the full potential of the C. Gerhardt Dashboard:

  • Control devices in your network, such as printers, balances, LIMS and barcode scanners, via a single software solution.
  • Enter and evaluate sample data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Export your data directly to your LIMS system

Keep everything under control during nitrogen determination

For Kjeldahl analysis, there is no way around handling aggressive chemicals. However, the Vapodest series keeps you safe at all times.

  • The clever and proven design protects you and your working environment from unintentional contact with hazardous substances.
  • The illuminated glass components give you a good view of the entire analysis process.
  • The self-diagnosis feature detects errors early and switches automatically to a safe mode.
  • The “Soft Start” feature ensures controlled reactions even when analysing reactive substances.
  • The filling level sensors fit on commercially available containers for chemicals, so there is no need for cumbersome decanting.

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