smart DNA prep (a96) – FX

Automated extraction kit suitable for tissue samples, rodent tails, bacteria and yeast.

Product Details

  • Optimized for automatic extraction by CyBio FeliX
  • Magnificent binding capacity without particle agglutination thanks to unique SmartExtraction technology
  • Up to 500 µl elution volume
  • Pre-filled reagents minimize preparation steps and safe time

The universal smart DNA prep (a96) – FX Kit has been designed for automated isolation of high molecular weight genomic DNA from a broad variety of starting materials including tissue samples, eukaryotic cells, rodent tails, bacteria and yeast cells using CyBio FeliX. The extraction is based on the new SmartExtraction technology (patent pending) combined with advantages of low-salt dual chemistry (DC) Technology (patented). The whole extraction process just needs simple pipetting up and down and profits from efficient binding of DNA to Smart Modified Surfaces inside the filter tip. After washing, the ultra-pure DNA is eluted and ready for use in subsequent downstream applications.

The innuPREP Bacteria Lysis Booster is also available to further optimize the lysis of bacterial cells, particularly with regard to bacterial strains that are difficult to lyse.

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