smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a)

Efficient DNA extraction from PBMC’s (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) from fresh or frozen whole blood.

Product Details

  • Suitable for all common stabilizers: EDTA, citrate and heparin
  • Based on SmartExtraction technology for easy automation without any additional tools needed
  • Optimized for InnuPure C16 and InnuPure C16 touch
  • Isolation of high molecular DNA with a yield up to 90 μg from 3 ml whole blood
  • Inclusive pre-filled Reagent Strips or Plates for simple handling and a minimum number of working steps

The smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a)/ smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a96) is based on the unique SmartExtraction technology and allows an easy automation of DNA extraction from up to 3 ml of whole blood. Initially erythrocytes are lysed and PBMCs are collected for further preparation. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Plastics simplifies handling enormously and can be applied on InnuPure systems directly. Additional tools are not necessary. Possible shearing effects on DNA are reduced to an absolute minimum due to the special SmartExtraction pipette tips, which contains modified surfaces for efficient binding of nucleic acids. Finally high DNA yields (up to 90 μg from 3 ml whole blood) with high molecular weight (up to 500 kbp) can be isolated. An excellent quality ensures the direct application in further downstream analyses.

As an alternative to the standard, prefilled, sealed extraction kits for InnuPure C16 touch, corresponding lower-cost non-filled kit variants are also available. These kits also contain all the plastics and reagents required for extraction.

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