smart DNA prep (a) (a96)

Kit for the automated, platform independent DNA extraction based on innovative.

Product Details

  • High molecular weight DNA from tissue samples, pieces of rodent tails, eukaryotic cells, bacteria and yeast cells
  • Enormous DNA yields and reduced preparation time
  • Optimized for InnuPure systems
  • Minimum steps of preparation thanks to pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips or Reagent Plates
  • Elution volumes up to 500 μl possible

smart DNA prep (a) is an universal DNA extraction kit, which optionally can be used with the InnuPure systems. Matchless DNA yields with ideal quality can be automatically isolated from tissue samples, eukaryotic cells or pieces of rodent tails, as well as bacteria and yeast cells. After lysis of samples all necessary steps are processed by using one of the pipetting platforms. The usage of Smart Modified Surfaces in combination with optimized pipetting routines efficiently avoid the shearing of DNA and allow extraction of high molecular weight nucleic acids up to 500 kbp. Those can be directly applied to subsequent analysis.

As an alternative to the standard, prefilled, sealed extraction kits for InnuPure C16 touch, corresponding lower-cost non-filled kit variants are also available. These kits also contain all the plastics and reagents required for extraction.

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