smart Plant DNA prep (a96) – FX

Extraction of high molecular weight DNA from up to 40 mg starting material.

Product Details

  • Automatic extraction from up to 96 samples in parallel
  • Excellent performance tested for extraction of DNA from fresh and dried plant material
  • Elimination of interfering plant metabolites and possible PCR inhibitors
  • Cost-efficient non-filled and premium pre-filled kit version available

The smart Plant DNA prep (a96) – FX has been designed for automated isolation of high molecular weight genomic DNA (gDNA) from plant material using the liquid handling platform CyBio FeliX. After the homogenization of dried or fresh plant parts including leafs, roots, seeds and more, DNA is bound to Smart Modified Surfaces, which were exclusively developed by Analytik Jena (patent pending). The protocol additionally integrates the dual chemistry (DC) Technology (patented). The easy procedure predominantly based on simple pipetting up and down results in high yields of extracted DNA.

If needed the customer has the opportunity to use the premium pre-filled kit version in order to reduce hands-on time even more. Alternatively, cost-efficient non-filled kit versions are available, too

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