smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a)

Fully automated isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood samples up to 1 ml.

Product Details

  • Based on the unique SmartExtraction technology
  • Isolation of high-molecular weight DNA up to 500 kbp
  • Efficient 2-step-lysis starts with collection of DNA carrying cells followed by cell digestion using the extraction automat
  • Including protocols for InnuPure C16 or C16 touch, InnuPure C96
  • Ready-to-use kit with pre-filled, sealed Reagent Plastics for easiest setup

smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a) and smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96)  is a platform independent kit for extraction of genomic DNA from up to 1 ml whole blood samples. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips or Reagent Plates can be used with InnuPure systems. The innovative 2-step-lysis, consisting of collecting DNA carrying cells and digestion, as well as all following purification steps are fully automated on the liquid handling platform of choice. The pre-installed routines in combination with the unique SmartExtraction pipette tip allow for isolation of high molecular weight DNA with excellent yield and purity. The Smart Modified Surfaces within the 1 ml tip guarantee highest binding capacity and avoid clumping, that often occur by using magnetic particles.

As an alternative to the standard, prefilled, sealed extraction kits for InnuPure C16 touch, corresponding lower-cost non-filled kit variants are also available. These kits also contain all the plastics and reagents required for extraction.

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