Vapodest 500 C

Fully automatic distillation system with autosampler for efficient series analysis.

Vapodest 500 C – Fully automatic distillation system.

The Vapodest 500 C is C. Gerhardt’s most powerful distillation system with automatic sample feed for the fully automatic analysis of up to 20 samples. The samples are fed directly from the autosampler into the VAPODEST 500 distillation system. The robust and pneumatic technology is extremely reliable in the operation and almost maintenance-free. All functions are continuously monitored by a diagnostic system.

VAPODEST distillation units are the first choice for laboratories that require safe, reliable and versatile equipment that provides interactive guidance through analyses and guidelines and meets the highest data management requirements.

Convenient analysis according to Kjeldahl in series

The process for sample transfer is short and safe: Simply place the insert rack with the samples on the loading flap after digestion and insert the samples into the carousel. The VAPODEST 500 C does the work for you and analyses 20 samples in series.

Even different sample types are no problem for the fully automatic Kjeldahl analyser. With the easily exchangeable carousel inserts, you can setup your instrument for other glass sizes in just a few minutes.

All in one place for your analysis

The VAPODEST 500 C has everything on board for Kjeldahl analysis. Only a water supply is required and the VAPODEST is ready for operation. All conventional laboratory tanks can be stored easily in the lockable drawer. Simply replace the canisters effortlessly and save yourself the trouble of refilling chemicals. The current level of the chemical and sample waste canisters is constantly monitored by the level sensors and ensures that you will know when it is time to replace a canister.

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