Serial heating unit

Multi-sample Kjeldahl distillation system.

Distil up to 6 samples simultaneously for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination and free up more space for other laboratory tasks.

Connect and you’re ready to start – it’s really easy with the complete set we offer. From the Reitmair top to the rubber connectors, everything is included

Our serial heating unit lets you easily distil individual samples or several samples with different boiling points because all six hot plates can be individually temperature controlled. The high-performance heater rapidly reaches boiling point and saves you valuable time.

From 50 ml to 750 ml, we can provide you with the best suitable distillation apparatus. You can connect and install smaller ones up to 250 ml yourself.

Your benefit: even with just a single sample to process you’ll enjoy the advantages of instrument-supported Kjeldahl distillation, such as higher reproducibility and more efficient use of time and resources.

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