smart DNA prep (m)

SmartExtraction kit for manual extraction of genomic DNA from different types of tissue samples and cells.

Product Details

  • Without centrifugation steps – easiest extraction using a thermal shaker and magnetic rack
  • Also suitable for pieces of rodent tails
  • Highly efficient lysis in just 1 to max. 3 h
  • High yield of high molecular weight DNA
  • Including SmartExtraction Tubes and granulates with Smart Modified Surfaces for active binding of DNA
  • Enormous binding capacities without clumping
  • Effective elution and high recovery rate in up to 1000 μl eluate

The usage of smart DNA prep (m) based on SmartExtraction technology allows isolation of genomic DNA from different types of tissue samples and pieces of rodent tails, as well as eukaryotic cells, bacteria and yeast cells. smart DNA prep (m) is a manual preparation kit for DNA isolation with minimum need or resources. Lysis, binding, washing and elution all stake place in a thermal shaker (e.g. Biometra TS1 ThermoShaker or Biometra TSC ThermoShaker) – easy and efficient. The accordant SE Tube contains granulates with Smart Modified Surfaces and an enormous binding capacity for DNA. A magnetic core utilizes a fast collection in a magnet rack (not included in the scope of delivery). Shearing forces to the isolated nucleic acids are minimized and thus the DNA has ideal quality and high molecular weight.

SmartExtraction – We Change the Way to Prep

Nucleic acid isolation and purification are among the most widespread laboratory methods worldwide. Analytik Jena’s innovative “SmartExtraction” technology is a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction.


Starting material

  • Tissue samples up to 100 mg
  • Mouse tail pieces up to 1 cm
  • Rat tail pieces up to 0.5 cm
  • Eukaryotic cells up to 5x 106
  • Gram- or Gram+ bacteria (5 x 104 up to 2 x 109 cells)
  • Yeast cells 1 x 105 up to 5 x 108

Extraction Time

  • Lysis: depending on starting material
  • Extraction: approx. 35 min


1.7 – 2.0

Average Yield

Depends on sample and used volume


200 – 1000 μl Elution Buffer

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