smart Blood DNA Midi prep (m)

Kit for manual extraction of genomic DNA from up 10 ml whole blood.

Product Details

  • Easiest handling thanks to SmartExtraction-Technology
  • Low need of resources: DNA isolation using a thermal shaker (e.g. Biometra TS1 ThermoShaker or Biometra TSC ThermoShaker)
  • Minimal shearing power for purification of high molecular weight DNA up to 500 kbp
  • Unique Smart Modified Surfaces for optimal binding capacity and high yields
  • Innovative 3-step-lysis consisting of lysis of erythrocytes, collection and digestion of DNA carrying cells

The smart Blood DNA Midi prep (m) is based on manual application of SmartExtraction technology, which allows binding of genomic DNA to the unique Smart Modified Surfaces. Up to 10 ml whole can be prepared. The required lab equipment is minimal and just limited to a thermal shaker, like the Biometra TS1 ThermoShaker or Biometra TSC ThermoShaker and a magnet rack (not included in the scope of delivery). In addition to the 3-step-lysis consisting of lysis of erythrocytes, collection and digest of DNA carrying cells, DNA is efficiently bound, washed and eluted. The routine reduces the shearing power to the nucleic acid to an absolute minimum. The isolated DNA has a high molecular weight up to 500 kbp and shows best quality. Direct downstream applications are immediately possible.

SmartExtraction – We Change the Way to Prep

Nucleic acid isolation and purification are among the most widespread laboratory methods worldwide. Analytik Jena’s innovative “SmartExtraction” technology is a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction.


Starting material

  • Whole blood samples of 0.5 to 10 ml
  • Fresh or frozen blood
  • Stabilizers: EDTA, citrate or heparin

Extraction Time

  • Lysis: depending on starting material
  • Extraction: approx. 35 min


1.7 – 2.0

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