innuSOLV RNA Reagent (Manual)

  • Modified guanidine isothiocyanate/phenol method  for extracting RNA
  • High-quality RNA with no degradation after just  approx. 1 hour of prep time
  • Suitable for a variety of different starting materials

Product Details

The innuSOLV RNA Reagent is a solution for efficiently isolating total RNA from various quantities of different starting materials (such as tissue samples, cells, bacterial cells, plants, etc.). The extraction method is based on a single-step, liquid-phase separation that saves a significant amount of time. The innuSOLV RNA Reagent contains a mixture of phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate in a monophasic solution. After adding chloroform and centrifuging, the homogenization product separates into three phases:

  •  A reddish, organic phase on the bottom
  • A whitish intermediate phase
  • A colorless liquid phase on top containing the RNA

The RNA is then precipitated by adding an alcohol. Extraction withthe innuSOLV RNA Reagent produces high-quality nucleic acids withno degradation that are available for a variety of different applicationsafter just 1 hour of prep time.


Preperation time

Approx. 60 minutes

Starting material

  • Tissue samples (100 mg)
  • Monolayer cells
  • Cell suspensions (of animal or plant origin; yeast or bacterial cells; max.  5 × 106)

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