WSI Analysator – Water separation

WSI Analysator – Water separation

WSI measures fuel water separation efficiency.

The Water Separation Instrument (WSI) is a fully automatic and compact bench top / portable instrument. The instrument measures how effectively a fuel sample releases entrained and emulsified water when pumped through a water coalescing filter. The measured water separation index clearly displays at the end of the test.

The WSI is operated via a simple user interface with touch screen display. The fully automated test means minimal operator knowledge is required; little to no training is needed to use the instrument. The automatic test sequence and consistent sample handling also ensures test repeatability and reproducibility.

Due to the simplicity of set up and automation, low operator time is required, which reduces labour costs. The WSI has inexpensive consumables and just one low cost filter per test; this allows additional savings and reduced waste per test. Additionally, easy on site calibration eliminates the time and costs associated with sending an instrument to a service centre.

The WSI’s internal data storage allows access to past results which can be exported by USB connection to PC for further analysis.

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