Advanced digital refractometers for precise measurements.

The RFM-T series is in a line of digital refractometers manufactured by Bellingham and Stanley (UK). Their digital refractometer has been developed by experts with world-leading food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in mind.

Each digital refractometer in the RFM-T series is equipped with Peltier temperature control systems and high-performance optics. Each refractometer in the RFM-T series has a precision-designed prism for fast, accurate readings and for easy cleaning of the same.

The instrument has a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen that is clear, durable and easy to use (even when wearing PPE gloves).

Choose between the RFM300-T series for three decimal places (Brix precision) or the RFM900-T series with six decimal places (Refractive Index precision).

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