qTower iris

Multiplexing qPCR thermocycler with open system and wide dye compatibility.

The Real-time PCR Thermocycler qTOWER iris empowers your exploration. It equips you to meet your current and future needs in qPCR, as a truly open system: You are free to choose what it takes for your venture – from consumables, assays, to color modules. The instrument can hit six targets at once. And for your peace of mind, you can count on a system designed for long-term use that operates quietly and smoothly, providing uniform precision across every well.

Everything There is to Know in the World of qPCR

Complete Spectrum: Clear signals from UV-A to Near Infrared (NIR), multiplexing for up to six targets simultaneously

Freedom of Choice: Compatible with all standard dyes, consumables, reagents, and assays

Color Modules: Select freely and purchase individually

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.15 degrees Celsius (market standard: up to ±0.4 degrees Celsius)

Application Support: Direct from the manufacturer

Open Access: Raw data freely accessible (or presented as interpolated curves)

Noise Level: Barely audible

Efficient Work with Clear Signals

The Full Spectrum: qTOWER iris processes up to six targets simultaneously and provides clear signals across the entire spectrum — from Near Infrared (NIR) to UV-A. The device comes factory-calibrated, eliminating the need for recalibration when introducing new dyes.

Ergonomics: qTOWER iris performs a self-test before each run, and the fiber optic system can be checked through Fiber check. The mechanics are faultless and operation is quiet, contributing to a peaceful lab environment.

Free Choice: Color modules are sold separately, and the choice of dyes and consumables is entirely yours. The device does not require recalibration for new dyes, and weak signals can be selectively amplified through software gain settings.

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