qPCR Color Compensation Kit

Lyophilized dyes for qTOWER³.

Free, lyophilized dyes for color compensation on the qTOWER³.

Product Details

  • Coverage of the most commonly used dyes: FAM, HEX, ROX and Cy5
  • Environment-friendly delivery at room temperature
  • Easily adaptable to the respective experimental conditions

In multiplex real-time PCR experiments, the emitted fluorescence signal of the reporter dyes involved may overlap, which may lead to crosstalk in adjacent detection channels. To allow accurate interpretation of the results, color compensation files must be generated.
The new qPCR Color Compensation Kit enables the reliable recording of a color compensation adapted to the respective conditions in just a few steps: Dissolution of the dyes in application-specific master mix –Transfer to application-specific PCR plastic – Recording of fluorescence intensities.

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