Mercury Analysis

Mercury Analysis

Mercur DUOplus: versatile, efficient mercury analysis.

With the mercur DUOplus you are up to all requirements and guidelines of mercury analysis. The powerful mercury analyser works according to standards (EPA, EN, ISO) based on atomic absorption (AAS) and atomic fluorescence (AFS) and thus offers you full flexibility in application. Thanks to the integrated enrichment module with two gold collectors, you can realize determination limits from the low ng/l (ppt) to the pg/l (ppq) range with high method robustness, depending on the type of sample and configuration.

Mercury determination in the trace and ultratrace range

  • Efficient – automated and time-controlled flow injection technology
  • Safe – bubble sensor, optimized drying membrane and cascade enrichment
  • Effective – low reagent consumption, short measurement times

The efficient mercury analyser

  • Excellent detection limits
  • Wide linear measuring range
  • Simple or cascade enrichment (according to EPA method 1631)

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